Motorcycle Maintance: How often do you need to do regular maintenance?

07 June 2024

Motorcycle Maintance: How often do you need to do regular maintenance

A motorcycle is much more than just a means of transportation. It's freedom on the road, adventure and a way of life for many riders. But to enjoy the experience of riding with complete carelessness and at the same time safety, it is necessary to keep your motorcycle in good condition. Proper maintenance is the only way to enjoy the full potential of your motorcycle.

How often do you need to do regular maintenance?

Motorcycle maintenance is critical for a safe and enjoyable riding. If you're wondering how often you should service, the rule of thumb is this: oil change and lubrication every 4,000km or every six months, whichever comes first. In addition, it is important to synchronize the carburetor, an important part of the engine as well as to check the cooling system on water-cooled or air-cooled engines every two years.

Maintance checklist

To keep your motorcycle in top condition, you need to pay attention to a some important key elements:

  1. Engine oil: Engine oil is the soul of your motorcycle. Renew it regularly to keep the engine in perfect condition and prevent wear. Checking and changing the engine oil should mainly be done about every 3,000-6,000 kilometers.
  2. Oil filter: Oil filters remove particles and contaminants from engine oil. By replacing the filter when changing the oil, you protect the engine from damage.
  3. Air filter: Air filters must be cleaned or replaced regularly to keep the engine breathing well and ensure a good performance. Replacing the paper air filter is recommended annually, while if you use a reusable filter, you should clean it every 12 months.
  4. Exhaust filter: Exhaust filters assist the ventilation of the engine and ensure efficient combustion of fuel. Regular inspection -usually annual- and replacement are necessary.
  5. Spark plugs: Spark plugs have a key role in fuel ignition. Check them regularly and replace them when necessary. In general, most motorcycle manufacturers recommend checking spark plugs during annual maintenance or every 6,000-12,000 kilometers, depending on the model and the usage conditions.
  6. Chain maintance: The chain be lubricated and checked every 400-600 kilometers. Use a suitable chain lubricant follow the manufacturer's instructions for its application.
  7. Tires: Check the tire pressure regularly. It is recommended to check the pressure at least every 10 days, with additional checking in cases such as temperature changes that affect the pressure. Alternatively, check monthly and replace them approximately every 15,000-20,000 kilometers - or every 2 years, depending on your riding style and the road/weather conditions. A correct tire pressure is essential, not only for the tires' life, but also for fuel economy.
  8. Brake fluid: Changing the brake -and clutch-fluid is recommended every 2 years, due to moisture that can enter the hydraulic circuit.

These simple tasks, such as changing the oil, checking the air and oil filters, adjusting the chain, replacing the spark plugs and general checking of the main parts of the engine, are necessary to keep the motorcycle in a good condition.

Owning and riding a motorcycle is an exciting, unique and unrepeatable experience. However, although motorcycle maintenance may seem simpler compared to a car, we should never neglect this important process. Our motorcycle remains a vehicle that requires proper maintenance to remain safe and enjoyable and for our own safety and the safety of other road users.

The correct maintenance of the motorcycle is therefore not only an obligation but also a sign of responsibility towards the rest of the road users. In addition, it is a guarantee for our own safety, as it allows us to enjoy driving without worries. With regular care and maintenance of these components, you will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride on your motorcycle, while protecting your wallet from unnecessary expenses.

These simple but important procedures ensure not only the reliability of your motorcycle, but also a safe and enjoyable riding experience for you and other road users. So let maintenance be part of your love for your motorcycle and your safety.

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