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Barracuda "X-Version" handlebar mirrors (pair)

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Models : Universal

Barracuda mirrors

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- Barracuda "X-Version" handlebar mirrors (pair)
- Special design by Barracuda Racing
- Aerodynamic lines
- Rod made of aluminium, body made of ABS plastic
- It has a multi-position ball joint for a perfect adjustment
- The mirror has a universal M10 clockwise adapter

- Wide glass for better view: 14.8cm x 9.5cm
- Larger than the A-Version mirrors
- E-Marked

* These mirrors are included in the Barracuda "YOU DESIGN" project.
That means that you can change the color of the central mirrors part and
customize your mirror as YOU prefer! Select the desired colors from the selection menu.

** You might need adapters in order to fit the mirrors on your bike.
These mirrors come with a standard clockwise right hand (RH) M10 x 1.25 thread and will fit most bikes.
However, most Yamaha & Ducati models and certain Aprilia & KTM models have a LH (left hand) thread on the right side mirror.
Furthermore, scooters such as Yamaha, Kymco, Piaggio, SYM etc will need a M8 threaded adapter.
Some older BMW models have M8 thread as well while newer BMW models have a specific M10 x 1.50 thread pitch.
So make sure whether you need adapters or not in order to fit the mirrors on your bike.

Adapters explanation


M10 x 1.25 RH - LH

M10 = adapter's thread diameter. In this case, the adapter's thread has a 10mm diameter
1.25 = adapter's thread pitch. In this case, the distance between each thread is 1.25mm
RH - LH = in this case, the kit contains one adapter with right hand clockwise thread (RH)
and one adapter with left hand counterclockwise (LH) thread

TIP: On motorcycles with standard M10 x 1.25 RH clockwise thread, you won't need any adapters,
however you can add a pair of M10 x 1.25 RH adapters if you wish to add height to your mirrors (2cm approx.)


Q: How do I know if these mirrors fit my motorcycle?

A: Please remove your current stock mirror and measure the diameter

Mirror adapter diameter

Q: How do I know the mirror thread pitch of my bike?

A: Most bike mirrors thread is 1.25, however certain BMW models such R1200GS have a 1.50 mirror thread

thread pitch


TIP: Find a screw that you're sure is 1.25 and try to compare its thread pitch with the mirror's one. If it fits, it will look like the picture below


pitch comparison


Q: How do I know whether my mirror thread is clockwise (RH) or counterclockwise (LH)?

A: Most bike mirrors have a standard clockwise thread (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Buell, Aprilia and more)



However some Yamaha, Ducati, KTM and Aprilia, have a reversed counterclockwise thread on the right hand side mirror.