The 5 best places in Greece to travel by motorcycle

13 September 2023

The 5 best places in Greece to travel by motorcycle

Whether you're a seasoned motorcyclist with miles on your back, or new to the world of two-wheeled experience, a trip is always at the back of your mind. Alone, with a passenger or a fellow traveler, traveling by motorcycle offers experiences that no other means can create. Vast roads, picturesque landscapes and a sense of freedom that becomes even greater as the kilometers go by.

Certainly not everything is easy. More stops will be needed than a car trip, mainly for rest and refueling. Ultimately, however, the route will be faster, without having to run, while the motorcycle offers less fuel consumption and cheaper tolls. You will need a basic but reliable equipment, such as a helmet, gloves and clothing, of course a very good mood and appetite to live the experience, but also a little luck, because often the weather can spoil your plans.

Everything ready. And now where are we going?

Certainly our country is full of ideal destinations. It combines mountain, sea, plains, picturesque landscapes and cities that satisfy every kind of explorer. But when the time comes to start the engine, so many options put a brake on the original goal. But because if you don't start you'll never reach your destination, we're going to introduce you to some of our favorite places to travel. So, step on the gas and let's go see them.


The country of Kyra Frosini is always inside every travel destination. Full of rivers (Arachthos, Aoos, Voidomatis, Acherontes), dams and lakes (Pamvotida, Elos Kalodikiou and various others), Epirus is an ideal destination for a road trip on waterways and routes. We start with the city of Ioannina, which lives and breathes next to Pamvotida, an ancient lake that becomes an attraction for its unique microclimate.

In the city, you will find everything you desire, from good food, intense life and relaxation. Continuing, we meet Tzoumerka. A wonderful part of Epirus, which anyone who has visited admits that it is better in the summer months, because in winter nature goes wild! Along the way you will encounter crystal clear rivers, stone-built villages on the edges of cliffs and squares with enchanting shade from the centuries-old plane trees.

Finally, the enchanting Zagorochoria will become the ideal destination with your motorcycle. Picturesque landscapes that are cut in half by mountain roads, create a unique feeling that makes you one with the environment around you. Wherever you choose to go, what you should watch out for in the prefecture of Epirus are the sharp turns and the not so neat roads. But surely, with the motorcycle you will be doubly careful.


As strange as it sounds, the mountain of Magnesia combines in their best version both the beauties of the mountain and the magic of the sea. Whether a three-day excursion or an organized vacation of several days, Pelion is definitely a unique experience. Leaving the national road, there are three options to cross the mountain and head towards the coastal areas: via Makrinitsa, Portaria or Milia.

Each route has its own unique specialty that is sure to satisfy every traveler. Descending, the Aegean is in front of you. You will find unique beaches to swim in, either rocky or with an endless sandy beach. Wonderful aesthetics, natural scenery and good food will compensate you.


And let's go to something more summer and island. The enchanting island of Kythira, opposite Neapolis Laconia, will surely become a destination you will love! It is ideal to explore with a machine, because it combines a great variety and special geography.

You can arrive by boat from Athens, while if you want to take your journey a step further, you can choose Gytheio or Neapoli, to cross over with the line's boats. Most of the roads are accessible and with the machine it is a given that your eye will enjoy every route. From the Castle of Kato Chora Mylopotamos to the classic fishing village of Avlemonas, Kythira will become a choice you will want to visit again and again.


Certainly for many summer means an island. Sometimes only Cyclades. But it doesn't mean that you can't go with your motorcycle. And Santorini has now become "global" for the unique natural landscape it presents as well as its special sunset.

As soon as you arrive at the port, the crimson mountains will cause you a little awe. The uphill road to the country is a bit demanding, due to several bends, but with the motorbike you will not have to wait in the queue of cars, which often becomes unbearable, especially in the summer months. The island's routes are exactly what a traveler expects to see: Endless Cycladic beauty. And while you can see the sunset literally from every point of the island, the settlement of Oia and its unique castle is the most famous spot. But it also attracts a lot of people, so put it on the schedule early. Certainly with the machine, parking will not be such a big problem. For calmer situations, we recommend the village of Emporio and the chapel of Agia Anna, where if you are a sleeping bag type you can enjoy the clear sky of Thira. Also, Imerovigli, in contrast to the center of the island, offers quiet and picturesque scenery.


Of course, the largest island of Greece could not be missing from our favorite places. Its unique landscape becomes the best recipe for the motorcycle traveler.

Needless to say, it really pulls everything together. Mountain or coastal routes with incredible views and beautiful landscapes. Exploring the island by car, you will come across canyons that lead to secret beaches, green areas, lakes and rivers with waterfalls as well as picturesque villages that make up a unique experience.

The four prefectures are connected by a central road, which of course needs attention when riding. The long days are ideal to explore a large part of the island, but even a short excursion will give you the taste you need to visit it again.

Wherever you decide to go, Greece will certainly offer you unique experiences, but with the ideal company they will become even better. A basic requirement when traveling by motorcycle is always your safety. We have already mentioned the good equipment, but it is also necessary to cover the roadside assistance, which will surely save you from some minor accident.

So plan your journey, start the engine and have a good trip!

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