Koso heated grips system

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Models : Universal

Heated grips


- Complete system of heated grips by Koso
- The elegant grip design makes the heat grip look nicer than other aftermarket grips

- The fast heating design delivers heat faster than traditional grips
- Five levels of heat output to keep your hands at the desired temperature
- LED indication for each level
- The five level temperature controller adjusts the heat grip accurately to avoid uncomfortable temperatures
- Special rubber material resists the outdoor environment
- Even at high temperature, the grip remains resistant to damage
- They fit all 22mm (7/8") handlebars

    *Included Items:

    1 x Heater switch
    1 x Connecting wire
    1 x Handlebar bracket
    2 x M3x12 screws
    1 x Velcro
    4 x M2x15 screws
    2 x Bar-end caps
    Installation instructions