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"Smarty" handlebar mount for Fazer FZ6 / FZ1 / FZ8 '06-'15

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SKU: 002227

Models : Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 600 S1/S2 / FZ1 Fazer 1000 -'15 / FZ8 Fazer 800 '10-'15

Handlebar GPS mount


With this smart accessory you can easily mount your GPS, iPhone, PDA, mobile phone, camera etc
by attaching a RAM© mount socket arm on the ball and at the same time you can charge the device using
a power socket. And all these, at the best point of view, in front of the rider’s position!

- Made of ultra-resistant G3 aluminium 3mm thick
- It comes with two slots: a small one for a RAM Mount ball and a bigger for a power socket
- Specially designed to fit on the handlebar clamps
- Unique design, powder coated so it does not fade, it doesn't rust or ware out
- Laser-cut with the bike model's logo
- Stainless allen screws and spacers included
- To be combined with the RAM© mount type ø25 ball and the 12V waterproof power socket

Compatible with the following models:

Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 600 S1/S2 
Yamaha FZ1 Fazer 1000 -'15
Yamaha FZ8 Fazer 800 '10-'15