White speedometer and tachometer gauges for Suzuki V-Strom DL650 2007-2011

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White gauges

Models: Suzuki V-Strom DL650 2007-2011

- Made from high quality polycarbonate
- Special translucent display
- Gauge thickness: 0.5mm
- Coloured symbols, numbers & indications
- Indelible printing
- Finished and perforated
- Simple replacement of the original ones*

* Even if the gauges are intended to simply replace the original ones,
we highly recommend to visit a motorcycle workshop for their installation
since the needles' precision is sensible.

- In order to remove the original gauges, extract carefully the needles
by using to spoons as shown
in the image below. 



- Then pull out the gauge by using a flat knife or a similar tool as shown in the image below.


- After having removed all gauges, place the new ones and then put the needles in their initial position.

- The white gauges can be ideally combines with our white, red and blue LED stripes in order to achieve
a uniform and impressive illumination.






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