To Feel Comfortable: The Top 5 Ergonomic Accessories for Your Motorcycle

23 November 2023

The Top 5 Ergonomic Accessories for Your Motorcycle

The motorcycle is the primary means of transport or many times the only means of transport for a rider. So you want every route to be easy and comfortable. In two words: enjoy it. We have mentioned in other articles the importance of a rider's safety which has the biggest role while riding a motorcycle. In this article, however, we will mention 5 ergonomic accessories that will make journeys with your two wheeled partner even more comfortable.

Smartphone & GPS mounts

Let's start with a really useful accessory, which has now become almost essential. The smartphone and/or GPS mount for the motorcycle offers great convenience in cases where you need to find your way. Whether in the city, or for long trips, the use of GPS helps to have a sense of time, to calculate the traffic in different parts of an area and of course to reach our destination safely. If your mobile phone is waterproof, you can choose a bracket without a cover where you can mount the device directly. Otherwise, you can chose among waterproof cases which can secure your smartphone against all weather conditions. But never forget, that a screen can easily distract you, so keep your eyes on the road and take quick glances every now and then to stay on course.


Windscreen is a must for many riders. Except of naked bike riders who usually don't exceed speed limits by much, the windscreen offers ergonomics, safety and comfort. Firstly, the violent wind falling on us can cause a severe shaking of the helmet and secondly it affects the vision and causes a headache. Thus, we should have placed the part of the body we care about the most – the head – in a place where it is not affected by the wind: behind the windscreen. The options are many, with windscreens specially designed for specific models or universal ones that you just have to make sure fit the model you ride. Also, you can choose among various heights and tints depending on your preference.

Digital display gauges

An accessory that provides to the motorcycle enthusiasts the extra they are looking for in their riding experience. Digital gauges provide important information about engine condition, temperature and battery operating volts. They may also come with USB ports that allow you to charge electronic devices. They are usually placed on the handlebar and offer ergonomics and aesthetics. In case you are not particularly experienced with the installation of this kind of instruments, it is advisable to contact an expert who will guarantee their proper installation.

Cruise control

If your hand gets tired on long journeys from the constant and constant exertion of force on the throttle grip, then you will love the cruise control. It is a simple add-on that stabilizes the throttle at the desired point and offers a relaxed and comfortable journey.

Bottle holder

It is not a necessary accessory, but it certainly provides enough extra comfort. A bottle holder will help you have a bottle of water with you, which is quite important in cases of a long trip, especially in the hot months. That way, you won't have to search through all your stuff at every stop to find it. It can also hold a plastic glass if you want to carry it around. Certainly the choice to drink coffee while driving can become very dangerous and we do not recommend it under any circumstances. You can place the cup holder on the handlebar, or on the crash bars of your motorcycle.

Each of these accessories adds up its own sweetness to each of your journeys. Whether cheap or expensive, if your pocket can afford it, you will surely enjoy them deeply.

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